At Exposure, we have a passion for technology and innovation. We became the first company to master portable LED technology for the sports industry, with a focus on the mountain biking community. We have been recognised for 20 years as a leading global brand for sports lighting, and have developed our range to include marine lighting, medical lighting, as well as lighting for emergency services and search and rescue teams. All our products are designed and built in the UK.

LED pioneers


AutoMoto is a new brand within the Exposure range. We have taken our 20 years of experience in other sports disciplines and brought them into the world of motor racing. As with cycling, we have learned by doing. Knowledge gained from participation is one of our most valuable assets. 

Expertise from the world of rallying, 24 hours endurance racing, and off-roading have all played a vital part in helping us to create the perfect lights.

We are proud with what we've achieved in the AutoMoto range. No matter what your automotive discipline, we've got lights that will suit your needs.

Innovation through participation


Design and development has been focused on the challenging world of rallying and endurance racing. Specific features such as quick release mounting, wiring looms, switching, programming, thermal management etc. have been refined by this experience.

Lights and accessories for other vehicles including all motor sport, motorbikes and commercial have subsequently been designed and developed.

High-intensity lights are a must for rallying and off-roading. Our Straight 8 and Radial 8 lights both pack a punch with 9500 lumens of brightness per light. Our lights have accelerometers that detect when a vehicle is stationary, and automatically dims the lights. This prevents damage from overheating. They will return to full brightness when moving again.

Lightweight construction is needed for endurance racing and off-road motorcycling. The Radial 8 is our heaviest light, and it weighs only 550 grams.

Every racing discipline needs their auxiliary lights to be easily removable. Since they're not needed for daytime running, removing them saves weight and reduces the risk of unnecessary damage. We've developed quick release cleats as well as a quick connector for the wiring loom, meaning the lights can be removed in seconds.