Introducing the AutoMoto Mazda MX-5

Introducing the AutoMoto Mazda MX-5

Here at Exposure AutoMoto, we learn by doing. We've always been keen to participate in cycling events. We've learned important lesson from some of the best and most competitive people in the cycling industry. We strive to improve our product range based on customer feedback. It's no different with our new brand AutoMoto. We've built a rally car, strapped our lights to it, and sped off into the darkness with 36,000 lumens to keep us on the right track.

Our Mazda MX-5

If you've never driven an MX-5, you're missing out. They're an absolute joy to drive, and this one is pretty special. We've built it with help from our friends at EDSL sport who helped us with the roll cage and the suspension. It's also been engine swapped. It originally had a 2 litre engine, but it's been given a much needed upgrade to Mazda's 2.5 litre Duratec engine. A moderate increase in power of course, but where this engine excels is with torque. For tarmac rallying especially, the increased acceleration gives us a real boost.

AutoMoto Lights

Our MX-5 has 4 AutoMoto Straight 8 lights on the bonnet. Each one pumps out 9000 lumens, for a total of 36,000 lumens. We've already used it on night stages, and the lights make a huge difference